Pain for progress

Have you ever wondered to yourself why you haven’t got something done or haven’t started.


You’re unlikely to do anything until it’s an issue. When I say issue, I mean it’s going to have to be some form of painful experience.


When I say painful it doesn’t have to be physically painful. It’s more than likely that what is going to get you off your arse is going to be emotionally painful.


Your body doesn’t distinguish between physical and mental pain. Remember that first time you were dumped by an ex, that felt like an ice pick through the heart, right?


Pain is just your body’s own feedback of an experience and it will prompt you to change. Let’s say you have a heart op, following which you have rehab, doctors appointments, nurse visits etc. The fear of having to go through that ordeal again would prompt you to change your lifestyle.


Now if you haven’t had some kind of experience that has been painful enough to get you started you’re going to need to create some kind of habit or love for you to start.


Having someone to do it with is a massive plus. You’ll get started and keep it going because someone is going to show up to support you.

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