Letting go

Do you remember your first job? I do.
When I first started working it was in tea & cake rooms shop at the weekend whilst I was at school.
It was kind of like ‘the good life’ meets prisoner of war camp. The leftover milk from customers pots was poured back into a big jug to be reused. The teapots were emptied into a vat and at the end of the day one unlucky member of the kitchen staff (me) would have to sift out the tea bags and water the plants in the garden with the tea water. The left over food scraps would go to the chickens and the price list for plates and saucers was displayed on the wall (should you drop one, that would be coming out of your pay pack).
I remember the day that I was promoted to start serving the teas and coffees. To get out of the kitchen was great, the ambience was a lot nicer than the kitchen, plus I got to chat to the customers.
Over time I noticed a gentleman who would come in and order a coffee and sit there just staring out of the window. He would come to the desk pay with the exact money and leave. He was very quiet and morose. I served this gentleman for close to a year.
One day, for some reason, I thought to ask him ‘If he was OK’. I expected silence or his usual grunt, but his response shocked me, I still can still hear him to this day ‘My wife left me 8 years ago and I just can’t get over it!’ I stood there perplexed trying to absorb what the gentleman had just told me. He paid, turned and walked out of the shop.
This has always stuck with me, I couldn’t get over the fact that this man had spent 8 years in torment, holding on to the past. Holding on to his belief he ‘couldn’t’ do something. How much had had he missed out on holding onto this belief? What opportunities had he missed out on? This belief that was so true to him.
I recognise the ‘Tea Rooms Man’ in a lot of people. They look at their weight loss or health etc and limit themselves by saying ‘I can’t lose weight or I’m not going to be able to get healthy’.
Your belief is everything! If you hold on to a belief then you are married to it and it will be hard to shake! You want to hope that its a positive one!
Whether you believe you can or you can’t you’re right!

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