Keep your guard up

Of the few injuries people have told me about, all of them have been from doing something stupid.


Lifting weights, running, exercising correctly has never been the reason someone has injured themselves. It’s when you’re not doing it properly that you get yourself into trouble.


The injuries you’re more than likely to experience are when you are running with poor form, that’s 7 x the force of your body weight through your knees/ankles in an unfavourable position.


Or during weight training and you are taking weights off the rack or picking them off the floor when you are in between exercises or have finished an exercise. I’ve seen people execute perfect technique when performing an exercise, then go to pick up a weight for their next exercise and display absolutely no consideration for their back or knees. I wince as I think about the strain they are putting on their back and other joints from not taking the little bit of care in picking said item up.


People then make the incorrect assumption that it is an exercise that has caused the injury not the piss poor technique that they have used to pick something up off the ground or run poorly.


It is the same reason why more people die on the way down from the mountain as apposed to ascending it. Because they experience complacency. They have achieved what they set out to do and then the focus switches off. Relaxed and complacent they make mistakes, which at that altitude are very serious.


Stay safe out there, think technique in and outside of exercise.

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