It’s cool to skip

Have you heard that you shouldn’t skip meals because it causes your metabolism to slow down and you won’t burn calories properly? or that skipping meals causes your body to go into starvation mode and when you eat your next meal your body stores it as fat?


I’ve been seeing a lot of people spouting this at the moment; it’s doing the rounds on the internet. As a member of my community, I want to keep you informed and in the know. Helping you to save time and money.


This ‘must have breakfast’ ‘must not skip a meal’ otherwise it’s fat storage time, is horribly inaccurate!’ Meal frequency and meal timing have no bearing on weight loss!


When you skip a meal nothing changes with regards to body function. It’s the reason that Intermittent fasting can work; you are skipping a meal helping you to create a calorie deficit (weight loss).


Your metabolism is a fixed thing, the only way you can adjust it is by increasing or decreasing muscle mass or by losing a large amount of body fat. Even then, this will be only a small adaptation.


So if you don’t feel like breakfast, fine. If you want to skip lunch, cool. Just think total calories for the day.

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