Have you ever avoided something because you are scared of failIng? Of course you have.


This fear of failure is something we pick up in adolescence or adulthood. It protects our ego.


You never see a toddler trying to walk that falls down the first time say ‘well I guess walking isn’t for me’ they just get up and keep failing until they get it right.


This failing concept, people see as a negative thing so they try and avoid it. It doesn’t feel comfortable to not achieve something when we try. So our ego tells us to avoid these circumstances.


I see this with personal training clients when I start working with them and after a bit of a time, I get them to lift a bit heavier.


They are heartbroken when they fail on their last repetition. Their whole demeanour changes and I interject before they start beating themselves up about it.


I explain to them that I want them to get to that point. That failure. I want them to understand that it is at this point we adapt and change.


I want them to continue to fail, but fail better. Next time they fail it will be at a heavier weight and so on.


You will learn far more from these failures than you do successes.


I love that feeling of failing, I embrace it, hopefully, you will too.

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