Average is acceptable

Have you ever noticed that it’s the extremes that we hear about in the media? The genetic freaks and statistical outliers.


We are led to believe that these extremes are normality and what we should be striving for. When in reality most of our lives are spent in the average which, is perfectly acceptable.


Because when we believe that when we should be striving for these extremes and we fall short we are left wanting.


The very notion that we are wanting or trying to attain something like wealth or happiness etc makes us think that we don’t already have it. We are convincing ourselves we are devoid of it! This leads to a negative mindset.


As Gandhi said ‘everything we do in life is irrelevant, but it’s very important that we do it.’


Think about doing what’s best for you, not comparing yourself to the outliers or the extremes, it’s not reality! Try being grateful and spending your life in the average it’s a nice place to be!

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