What a week

What a week!


I was very fortunate to speak to one of the top fitness influencers in the industry (James Smith) and then I was given the opportunity to talk to his mentor (Phil Learney) the next day.


Ever asked yourself ‘how many times do I need to go to the gym a week?’, ‘are protein shakes going to help me?’ ‘What do I look for in a personal trainer?’. This is exactly why I set up the channel to get those questions answered from the most respected people in the industry.


With celebrities and online influencers selling out hard to push the latest ‘Herbalife’ product or their own ‘fat burning’ exercise dvd. (by the way, it’s not the exercise that causes fat burn). It’s hard for people to know what to believe.


I’ve been working my way through the evidence based crowd who have got their moral compass screwed on. People who genuinely want to help people and are not concerned about profit.


So if you want some help with fitness, have a look, there are talks on exercise, nutrition, weight loss mindset etc.

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