The first step

I’m going to talk to you about being weight appropriate.


We both know the dangers of all the horrible health dangers that come with obesity; your life expectancy is shortened, your quality of life is affectedrisk of disease increases etc.


That aside I want to talk to you about the other more prevalent and obvious things.


Self confidence; are you looking at yourself in the mirror and thinking hmm this top wasn’t this tight when I wore it last time? 


or when you’re in the fitting room at a store and the extra mirrors let you see that back fat that wasn’t there before you went on holiday.


Is your partner or spouse highlighting that you have let yourself go a little by buying making subtle hints through the purchase of sports clothes, trainers and you know that gym membership for your birthday is coming.


These things feel pretty shit. What’s the answer? you ask. 


Do something about it! I know that taking that first step is the hardest.


What is going to be your plan? How are you going to attack this?


Speak tomorrow, by which time you’ll have taken action.

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