The co worker conundrum

Are you listening to one of your co-workers rabbit on about their diet or taking advice from them on health or nutrition is not going to serve you very well.


‘Debbie in HR told me she lost loads of weight doing a diet where she drinks dust all day.’


What Debbie doesn’t realise is that she’s been duped, scammed, swindled, turned over, mugged off etc.


Debbie paid £500 for some magic dust that put her in a calorie deficit and is claiming that the magic dust is the miracle weight loss ingredient.


What Debbie hasn’t told you is that she has learned nothing along the way. Debbie also failed to mention that since she stopped the dust diet she has now regained all the weight she lost, with interest!


She is now back to square one scratching your head thinking about making another painful payment for more magic dust.


Debbie will still tell you how good it was because she wants you to be involved and validate her decision on buying more dust. She is more bothered about not looking like an idiot and making a bad decision. With you on board, she has justified to herself her decision and she’s not alone in her piss poor decision to buy more dust.

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