Running for weight loss

Are you running because you’re thinking that ‘I have to do cardio to lose weight’, well, it’s not the case.


Ask yourself ‘do I really enjoy running’. If the answer is yes then that is fantastic! Long may it continue! I would say to you make sure your technique is on point and you have good running shoes. Think about your technique as 7x the force of body weight is going through your joints. So it’s important you get this right. The injury rate of runners is high because their technique is poor.


Now, if you are running and doing so because you think you have to lose weight and you don’t enjoy it, STOP!


If you are carrying a lot of body weight, have a think about no impact exercise alternatives to running. Maybe some resistance training! [Which is going to be hugely beneficial when you are dieting].


You do not need to perform cardio to lose weight! In the order of importance of what you need to do for weight loss cardio is not important. Check out this graphic.

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