How did national fitness day go for you yesterday? Do anything different, extra?


The day itself is an interesting concept, a day with the focus on drawing attention to your fitness. Like Valentine’s day draws your attention to celebrating your relationship with your partner.


Why not, instead of making one day a year about these things, make every day about these things. Instead of making a token gesture or effort on this one day, do it every day.


You don’t need to wait for the next ‘fitness day’ to go out and exercise you should find something you enjoy and do it every day.


Don’t wait for Valentine’s Day to make a piss poor attempt to woo your other half by booking a table at some overpriced eatery who are coining in on the fact you’ve left it until last minute to book a meal. And don’t get into purchasing a bunch of posies from a garage forecourt on the way home from work.


It’s every day you want to celebrate the fact that you can exercise and feel good. It’s every day you want to appreciate your other half and enjoy spending time together.


Life is short, you never know if something comes up that could shorten it. It would be a real fucking shame if you have regrets.

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