How did it go?

So did you do it?! Did you get yourself to the gym yesterday? Maybe you had a workout at home?


If so, well done you!


If not what happened? Long day? Knackered after work or from looking after the kids all day?


Understandable you feel fatigued, especially if you’re not getting enough sleep.


Sleep is so important and can have a big impact on our day. Fatigue, hunger, under the weather, that’s down to you not getting good quality sleep.


I’m going to help you out here. That way you can feel more energized, control appetite and boost your immune system.


The first step is establishing a cut off in the day for caffeine and alcohol consumption, this is going to improve your sleep quality exponentially.


The next step is to download the app ‘Sleep Cycle’ [it’s free to download for IOS and Android] This will record your sleep quality and the alarm wakes you up in a light sleep phase, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to go. Rather than your old alarm which makes you feel like you’ve been hit by a bus!


You are now on your way to feeling more energetic, helping your body repair muscle and getting healthier.

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