Emotional eating

I noticed at work the other day a work colleague in the biscuit tin again, it was an all too familiar sight.


I felt obliged to ask him if he was ok, because his biscuit tin indulgence would usually coincide with him being stressed.


‘I’ve had the day from hell’ he muffled with a mouth full of hob nobs.


I knew that before he told me. I’d clocked that he would be in the staff room cupboard hunting out food every time he was in one of these moods.


He then proceeded to tell me all about who had wronged him and why it was all hopeless. I wish I hadn’t asked as the more and more irate he was getting telling me the faster the rate of biscuit consumption was getting.


His relationship with food was poor to say the least it. Every time he was stressed he would hit the food cupboards. He wasn’t hungry he just wanted to feel better, like a smoker dragging on a cigarette or a drinker taking a shot.


There lies the kicker, every time he did this he was forming a habit. Get stressed – eat food to feel better (momentarily) and repeat!.


Multiply that by a few years and it was no wonder his uniform size was ever increasing.


Emotional eating is a real thing. Some suffer more than others. You’re not eating because you’re hungry but because you’re stressed, sad or bored.


Do you find yourself in this predicament? If so, next time you go to the fridge or the cupboards ask yourself ‘am I actually hungry?’.

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