Be the Mayfly

Here’s a motivational thought. Be the Mayfly!


Do you think a mayfly says to themselves ‘I’ll do it tomorrow?’


‘I’ll do it later’ – no you won’t! You will put it off, it’s going to go way down the list of things to do and probably get binned off.


We don’t think about death, because it might seem like a long way away. If our lifespans were shorter we would probably be more motivated.


Things only seem to get done when that deadline moves closer.


We put off doing so many things because we think we have this abundance of time. Then we never get round to doing it.


You have 70-80 years on this planet. Imagine looking back with no regrets, thinking about what an amazing ride that was!


Imagine how much stuff the Mayfly gets done in one day!


There is no perfect time to start. Start now improve along the way!

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