Your association with the weekend

How was the weekend?

Did you celebrate the freedom from work in style? Did you decide to step on the scales this morning and now you’re thinking ‘this diet isn’t working’!

Let’s go through what you can do to get you in a calorie deficit and start burning fat!

Are you consistently overindulging at the weekend and consuming a ridiculous amount of calories. Going out Saturday and eating crap Sunday with little or no activity? Therefore undoing all the good work you’ve done Monday to Friday?

One tip would be to find out your daily calorie target for fat loss, then multiply that figure by 7 to give you a weekly target. Then arrange your week so you are low with calories weekdays then you have more to play with at the weekend.

Another tip would be to change the nature of your association with the weekend. 

Instead of thinking debauchery and ‘cheat days’ (which is just you justifying to yourself it ok to eat like an idiot), think rest and recovery.

Think South Downs bike rides and seafront walks not drug fuelled raves that culminate in you throwing a tv out of your Vegas hotel room window.

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