Weight loss tip

Let’s say your plan is to lose some weight.

You’ve got in your head you want to get back down to pre baby weight or the weight you were on your wedding day.

Your first step is addressing your diet not your exercise! You could spend the whole day exercising but your diet could undo it all if you’re consuming too many calories!

Then you want to concentrate on the task in hand. Your goal is going to be achieved by you focusing on baby steps. Your goal is not to lose 10kg it is to lose 1kg. Then the next goal is the next 1kg.

This is going to make it manageable, it’s not going to be overwhelming.

As an extra incentive, mindset hack, why not purchase a new dress/suit that is your goal size. Hang it up in a prominent position and look at it every day reinforcing the notion that one day you’ll be in that outfit.

Concentrate on the task in hand, put all your effort into that goal of losing that kg

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