Support network

Children not only sap your energy like a Dementor on a sugar high [Harry Potter reference], but they also can impact your ability to get to the gym or workout.

Having a good support network where you can drop the kids off with a relative or babysitter is great but if that option is not available to you then you could be wondering how the hell do I get my workouts in.

Thankfully some gyms have creche facilities available, some are open 24 hours. Planning your exercise is going to be even more important with children. You will have to make sure that your childcare is taken care of by means of partner, friend, relative, creche booking etc.

Then if all this is not possible you always have the option of a home workout. Although, we would advise against high impact, high intensity workouts to start with. You can get a really good calorie burning sessions done at home whilst your kids are occupied by Teletubbies, Pingu, Thomas, Sam, Pepper, Gruffalo’s.

Or better still, what about getting them involved?! If you are doing some yoga, show them how to stretch, if you are doing press ups, get them to join in with you. If you can influence your children to have a positive and enjoyable association with exercise, you have already done wonders for their health.

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