Stubborn body fat

Ever wondered ‘how do I lose this stubborn fat on my belly, thighs, back etc?

There is a solution and yes you can do it, it’s just going to take a little persistence.

You see your ‘problem areas’ where you have body fat stored are determined by your genetics. You may also notice that a certain ethnicity will collectively have similar body shapes.

people store body fat differently! This is a genetic hand me down. You can’t change this (well through surgery you can but liposuction is really not the way you want to go!)

These problem areas cannot be targeted, you can’t just focus on the removal of fat from one area, body fat spot reducing is not a thing! So when you see those infomercials about this ridiculous gadget that will get you abs, know that it’s bullshit and they are preying on your desperation for a flat stomach.

To get rid of body fat from a certain area you are going to have to concentrate on fat loss as a whole.

Your body decides where it comes off first and last! Not you!

It will come off those problem areas but it might be the last bits to go!

Stick to your calorie deficit, keep the body fat coming off and one day down the line you’ll notice that finally, your problem areas are not so problematic!

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