So thirsty

We all know that its important to stay hydrated. But did you know making sure you are hydrated could mean the difference between a good and a bad workout.

If your cells are hydrated your muscles will function better, as you will be able to contract them better making your work out more efficient.

The cells in your muscles are 75% water. Having them fully saturated will be beneficial during recovery as dehydration can make a recovery period feel even worse.

We get it, water is a dull drink especially when you have the options of coke, Fanta, frapuccino, mocha, orange juice. These high calorie delicious drinks are always going to be more appealing, they taste better!

So how can we stay hydrated without over doing it on the calories? Diet drinks are a good zero calorie alternate [before you start to worry about sweeteners click here] fizzy water with flavouring will be just as effective for hydrating. What about some fruit in your water bottle?

Try drinking 300 to 500 ml of prior to exercise making sure your cells are adequately hydrated.

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