Sense and sensibility

You know it’s common sense but sometimes we over complicate it.

Let’s imagine you have a dog and you leave your dog with your friends when you go away on holiday for a few weeks. You come back to find that your dog is looking a little more rotund than when you left him.

Your first reaction isn’t going to be ‘oh, it must be that he’s been having too many carbs’ or ‘they must have fed him after 6 o clock’ or ‘his thyroid must be playing up’.

But when it comes to ourselves all of those excuses/reasons come into play.

You know that your friends have been over feeding him and haven’t taken him for as many walks as you usually do. So to get him out of his current predicament that is what you’re going to have to do. Reduce his food intake and increase his energy expenditure.

It’s that simple people, but there are a lot of charlatans and idiots out there that will tell you that the reason you can’t lose weight is because your macro nutrient split is not right, you need to detox, you need to cut out carbs or demonise foods as sins and never touch them again.

These people are either trying to get you to buy into a method and keep you at arms length from the truth or are just well meaning idiots.

Once you know the truth behind weight loss and weight gain you will never need to buy another diet, cleanse, cookbook, shake diet, weight watchers membership again.

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