Lets talk about last night

It happened again, didn’t it!

You were only going to have one drink then, that turned into one more, then another and before you knew it you were ‘out, out’!

I get it, you’ve been working hard all week and the weekend is time to cut loose, let your hair down, cut some shapes on the dance floor.

Now you’re lying down reading this with a sore head, feeling sorry for yourself, beating yourself up thinking that you’ve ruined your diet.

Although last night wouldn’t have helped with your calorie intake considering you waxed about 3000 calories on cocktails and beer, hope is not lost! Today is where you can make a change. Today is where you can look at things differently.

You’re going to want to lie there, [gym is off because you’ve got a sore head, so thats 300 cals expenditure you’re not doing]. You’re thinking about a take away eating crap all day and watching an omnibus or box set.

Stop! Hang up on the Dominoes pizza guy now! That’s it, put the phone down, tell him ‘you made a mistake’.
Because today you are going to make a change, you’re going to fight back!

Today is the day you are going to offset last nights antics. Breakfast is off the cards and lunch will be dust. You consumed a shit load of calories from the drinks, meal, kebab last night so that will be more than enough to energise you through today.

Plus you need to do something active because you ate and drank enough for 2 days in 1 evening! So to burn it off you are going to do some NEAT. Non Exercise Activity Things [lol].

A walk, a ride on the bike, take the dog out, a swim. You’re going to get moving instead of lounging around the house. This will be a great calorie burner and make you feel a hell of a lot better!

Right now your body is using alcohol as its fuel source, so until you’ve burned that there will be no fat being used as energy. So your mission ‘should you choose to accept it’ is to minimise intake and get out and moving, burn off all the booze and once you’ve done that, keep going!

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