Is it safe?

So you’ve come to your senses and decided you want to do some resistance training to get a bit stronger and get some muscle tone. But you may still be apprehensive and have reservations about injuring yourself.

Fret not, weight training with the correct form is going to be great for your body. You bimbling along on the treadmill putting 6 x the force of your body weight through your joints is going to put you at a much higher risk of injury!

If your current goal is weight loss then weight training will help you preserve the muscle and keep your strength as the body fat comes off so you don’t look like you’ve been dug up when you’ve lost the body fat! Plus as an added benefit you will shape your body.

If your goal is muscle building then obviously you’re going to need to do some weight training.

Being weak is way more dangerous than not pursuing weightlifting. Backache, knee pain etc lots of these ailments will be reduced or eradicated once you start strengthening the muscle, the supporting muscle and connective tissue that are causing the problem.

It might interest you to know that there is a lower all-cause mortality correlation with strength. So, from getting stronger you are literally harder to kill!

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