I’ll start tomorrow

I’ll do it tomorrow or I’ll do it later I’ll start when I get paid from work.

Know that you are going to leave it for as long as possible to get started, you will procrastinate, defer, reschedule.

Parkinson’s law dictates that the task in hand will take the time you allocate to it. (If there was ever reason enough for deadlines this would be it).

Now let’s take the task of getting ‘in shape’ or improving your health. It’s unlikely you have a deadline for this. So going by Parkinson’s law you have allocated the remain years of your life to get ‘in shape’.

By the time you get towards the last years of your life you’re unlikely to have the energy or health to achieve it.

Wouldn’t you rather enjoy your health and get in shape now? Run around with your kids without getting out of breath, feel confident in your swimsuit on holiday, be in the picture rather than always taking them?

It takes just as much effort to do something as it does to not do it. 

If you’re waiting for perfect time it’s never going to come, start now. Don’t worry about being perfect either, get started now improve and improve on the way. 

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