How much weight training should I do?

Should your goal be to maximise muscle growth then you should be asking yourself ‘how much weight training can you achieve and recover from before you come to train again?’ MRV [Maximal recoverable volume] is the premise that you can train a muscle group at a high frequency as long as you can recover before training it again.

Training a muscle group more than once a week will yield better results in terms of growth. Just take into account that bigger muscle groups will require more time to recover than smaller muscle groups like arms, calves and shoulders.

Your big muscle groups will be in a growth phase for up to three days, then that drops off, so it is illogical for for to wait a whole week before you train that muscle group again.

From increasing frequency you can increase total volume of work for the week which will equate to better results for muscle growth.

If you are training a big muscle group 4 times or more a week and failing to fully recover before your next session then you may be over reaching. This would have a negative on training quality.

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