Holiday ready

We all love that feeling that we have a holiday booked and the countdown to when you go begins. Maybe you’ll be telling your work colleagues about it, hitting the shops and buying those last bits like sun lotion and swimming costume.

But then it hits you, you’re going to have your body on show when you get in the pool or in the sea! That pang of ‘Oh Christ people are going to see me in my swimming cossy’!

We’ve all had it, you get on the beach, by the pool and your head says keep your t shirt on or put on that sarong or galosh! Because you feel uncomfortable about showing your body!

Body confidence is not about having abs or striated glutes, massive arms, its about feeling confident in your own skin!

Having that body confidence were you can show off your new bikini, swimming trunks, speedos is a great feeling. Body confidence is truly a wonderful thing, you feel confident and proud of what you have worked towards.

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