Gym confidence

When starting out at the gym you may feel a little bit uncomfortable or you may feel conspicuous because you aren’t confident about what you are doing.

Know that everyone feels like this!

The reality is that most people are concerned with their own workout and are not bothered about what you are doing.

Know that a very high percentage of people in the gym are doing exercises incorrectly, in the wrong order, at the wrong amount and at a nonsensical frequency.

Also, know that you being at the gym is doing wonders for your health and well-being.

Although, it may not be doing anything for weight loss, that is dependent on how many calories you have got coming in. You could spend all day at the gym, but if your consuming more calories than you are burning of you’re still going to put on weight!

The next step to take is to get some help. Having guidance will give you the confidence to go into the gym perform exercises that are going to be beneficial to your goals.

Also, make sure the professional that you are getting that guidance from addresses your nutrition too. Otherwise, you may never achieve your goals!

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