Getting stronger

Have you ever asked yourself how do I get stronger?

Well in order to do that you are going to have to achieve something called progressive overload.

Now this may sound complicated but it’s really not. All it means is that you have to lift more/increase volume over time.

So if you usually use 5kg dumbbells, next week you use 6kg, or you do more repetitions with the 5kg dumbbells.

Now you may not be able to achieve the same amount of repetitions with the 6kg and have to drop back down to the 5kg dumbbells but you have presented a stimulus to your body, by way of increasing the load. Or you may have opted for the increased reps option. Your body registers this stimulus and this will cause adaptation.

Do this for a little while and eventually you will be able to get all the reps out with those 6kg and then you’ll be looking at the 7kg dumbbells.

You are getting stronger over time, building muscle and improving your health.

Make sure that you technique is good when performing your exercises to maximise this stimulus

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