Eat the foods you like

You don’t have to cut anything out of your diet to lose weight!

Yep you read it correctly!

There is nothing you need to cut out to lose weight!

Ask yourself do you feel okay when you cut out sugar/carbohydrates?

Does a meal taste as good without fats?

Are you going to enjoy your diet without, chocolate, or dessert and a drink now and then?

Obviously not. All of these things are an important part of your diet in terms of physical or mental wellbeing.

Manipulating your current diet that you enjoy can yield results.Imagine eating the foods you like and losing weight!

There is no need to imagine it’s a reality, you can start today.

Expend more energy (calories) than you have coming in for a protracted period and you will achieve it.

Try and get food with some nutritional value to form part of that intake to help your body function!

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