Drinking your calories

If you are finding with this hot weather that you are not eating as much and you’re scratching your head as to why the weight is not coming off, the reason could be liquid calories.

Take into consideration if you are drinking more because you are thirsty and it’s not water [which is 0 calories] you can consume lots of liquid calories very easily.

Yes there are calories in liquids! Also, when you go to the coffee shop and turn your coffee into an ice cream sundae will all the trimmings don’t think that it’s guilt free because it’s a coffee. You better believe that 750kcal coffee/Sundae is not going to help your wait loss cause!

And alcohol is no exception either, in fact alcohol has the highest has the highest calorie content of all the nutrients, coming in at 9kcals per ml/gram! It’s so easy to consume as you don’t feel satiated, add in the delicious flavour or mixer and you can easily put away thousands of calories.

A bottle of beer like San Miguel beer comes in at 257 kcals, a bottle of Kopparberg cider 325 [4 of these is the equivalent to some people’s daily calorie requirements].

Alternatives to keep the calories low with drinks could be a simple as skimmed milk instead of full fat in your tea, diet drinks instead of the other full calorie option or Gordon’s gin and slim line tonic coming in at 57 kcals! Wonder why gin is so trendy?!

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