Cutting out macronutrients

Eaten too many carbs? Telling yourself their the reason you’re overweight?

Your blaming your car insurance for you going overdrawn! It is the total food intake that is the problem.

And yet so many people think they lose weight from cutting out carbs.

All you are doing is cutting hundreds of calories from your day by omitting a macronutrient from your diet.

You have achieved a calorie deficit! That’s all.

Carbs stored in your body hold water, so you have lost that too. But it’s not weight loss from body fat reduction. That’s the goal. That water (which you need) is going to come back.

You could have achieved better results from reducing your calories and actually making more of a dent with body fat reduction.

And you would have got to eat donuts and cake in the process!

You do not have to cut anything out of your diet to lose weight!

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