Cardio for weight loss

You may have heard that you need to do some sort of cardio for weight loss. If you despise running but you think you have to do it for weight loss, this email is for you.

You could do absolutely no cardio and lose weight! That’s right you heard correctly, zero, none, zilch!

Our body is an open system, calories go in, they are used for bodily function and activity. Any calories over your requirements will be converted into body fat [if you are doing meaningful resistance training you will convert some to muscle].

This excess energy is then stored on our body, unfortunately we don’t get to choose where. Moobs, muffin tops, back fat, bum, thighs, our genetics determine these fat storage sites.

So here’s the thing that most people don’t know and it’s really simple, but there are charlatans and zealots out there that want to keep you at arms length from the truth. They want to sell you a method, because once you learn the real reason you no longer need their services.

You need to do the reverse of what you’ve been doing to put it on!

If you’re creating an energy deficit you will lose body fat. You need to burn off more energy than you consume. It’s called Thermodynamics and it one of the laws of physics! And yes it applies to you!

This means you could do absolutely no exercise and lose weight, by simply expending more than you consume from your body doing the work in terms on Metabolism [BMR]

However, it’s in your interest to do some exercise because it will hugely benefit your health [resistance training even more so!]

Think of cardio as a tool for a few extra calories expended, but if you don’t like running, don’t do it! Go for lots of walks, swim, bike rides, the low intensity cardio that you enjoy.

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