Big plate pandemic

Did you know that plate sizes are getting bigger and bigger on average?

It’s not just a coincidence that obesity is increasing too!

There is something called Parkinson’s law which works on the premise that we human beings will take the full entitlement. 

So if you have a project at work and your boss gives you a week to complete it, you are going to allow yourself that much time to complete it.

If that same project deadline now changes to one day then you better believe all your effort is going to finishing it by the end of the day.

It’s the same with plate sizes, you are going to fill your plate! You are going to take your full allocation.

Then you’re going to do your best to eat it all. Thanks a lot parents for ingraining the ‘eat it all up there are starving children in the world’ nonsense into us (why we have to overeat because they are undereating I don’t know?!)

Now let’s exacerbate things and say you are on an all inclusive holiday. Like a cruise where you are getting lots of meal offerings, maybe an ‘all you can eat buffet!’ Sounds like a challenge right?! Challenge accepted! You’ve ‘paid’ for it so now you are going to get your money’s worth! And in the process put on about 5lbs over the course of your holiday.

So here’s a tip for you to lose weight; Use smaller plates! Smaller plates mean smaller portion sizes, means less calorie intake likely means a calorie deficit, resulting in fat loss.

Then as a bonus to make sure you are getting enough nutritious food in your diet, eat your vegetables first! This is going to fill you up and encourage you to eat less ‘fun food’ when you get to it.

Why not go the whole way and have a big glass of water before you start your meal!

With those 3 actions, you have reduced the potential for a large calorie intake, increased the nutrients in your diet and aided hydration! Easy peasy!

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