Best of both worlds

Have you thought to yourself I’ll lose weight first then ill start at the gym and exercise?!

This is a very typical approach people have to their fitness journey.

Maybe the thought process is that it’s simply too much to concentrate on, doing both exercise and diet together.

Know that doing both together will make it easier! And the results will be better. Resistance training/weight training will complement your weight loss perfectly.

Whilst dieting, exercise (weight training) will help you as the weight is coming off! Weight training will stimulate the muscle and signal to the body to keep it! Cardio will not have the same effect.Also you will look better for it as you will preserve the muscle (and build a little, to an extent)

You will find losing weight easier as a result, because you burn more calories at rest when you are building muscle. Muscle has a higher metabolic cost, so if you had 2 people same age, sex and height that both weighed the same, the person with more muscle would require more calories.

You could just diet but then you end up looking terrible because you’ve lost muscle as the weight is coming off. So when you lose the body fat and get down to your goal weight [not the best goal] it will be a hollow victory.

Lose it sensibly folks!

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