Why you should be weight training when losing weight

Are you looking for the best exercise to compliment your weight loss diet? Ever thought about weight training? It’s not just for people that are wanting to get bigger!

When you are dieting to lose weight you are essentially getting smaller, the body fat is coming off to reveal the muscle underneath. When you get low enough with your body fat you will have some shape and definition, some refer to this as muscle tone.

Weight training will build muscle [albeit slowly] so you will have some to reveal when the body fat is reduced.

With weight training your exercise time will stay constant, compared to running, where the fitter you get the further you have to run to get a sweat on. With weight training you can increase the weight or reduce rest periods to help keep sessions time efficient.

Most people that lose body fat then want to put some muscle on. They then have to learn how to weight train. You will already know how as you have been doing it during your weight loss!

You will get stronger! We don’t need to say anymore.

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