What is the best time of day to weight train?

Today we are going discuss what the best time of day to train is.

The answer is; what ever time you can consistently commit to.

Your exercise routine is bespoke to you, it fits in with the other commitments you will have to deal with i.e. work, family, commute etc.

Adherence to exercise is the key and performing exercise at a time that you can consistent commit to, for the long term, will yield the best results. Some people prefer first thing in the morning because there is less ‘going on’ compared to the evening or the gyms are less busy or they haven’t had chance to talk themselves out of going to the gym which you might do over the course of the day.

Going to gym at a certain time could be beneficial is if you are a competitive athlete / sports person and your event or competition time is known / consistent [3pm kick off or midday start time]. This is due to your body’s ability to adapt. So you would be better prepared if you trained at the same time that your sport / competition started.

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