Weight loss mindset

Your weight loss journey may start for a number of reasons, it could be an event that you are looking to ‘get in shape’ for like a holiday or a wedding. It could be an age milestone approaching that you would like to get leaner for. Maybe it has been drawn to your attention by a significant other or friends that you have ‘let yourself go’ or, it could be the least favourable; a health scare has prompted you to address your health and weight loss is all of a sudden very important.

When it becomes important it will receive your attention and when you give your attention, change will usually take place. However even if you have the fundamentals in place such as calories, exercise, sleep etc it can still be a challenge to stay the course.

When you are trying to change your body shape adherence to calories and an exercise plan is for most  the hardest part; making the decision to stick to your calories and exercise can be tested when life gets in the way.

I was fortunate enough to talk to the founder of one of the countries leading fitness education providers, Luke Johnson, who is also co owner of a nutrition company. Luke made the decision to get himself in shape in order to compete in a natural bodybuilding show. Now this was something that Luke used as an end goal, motivation for him to stick to his exercise regime and diet which, saw him lose over 22kg in 9 months!
Now getting on stage in your pants is probably not going to be your motivation/end goal, but it was what Luke used as his goal to get in shape.

If you would like to listen to our talk I have provided the link to the YouTube channel. Luke spoke to me about his weight loss journey, what he struggled with and his tactics to overcome these struggles. Luke reveals his mindset and approach to dieting which, would be beneficial to anyone who is dieting or thinking about going on a diet. 

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