Starvation mode

You may have heard the term starvation mode being banded about, today we are going to put this to bed.

When people are dieting they may experience hunger sensations and incorrectly refer to this as ‘starvation mode’. There is no such thing as starvation mode, hormones in your body are just telling your brain to eat [survival mechanism]. Fret not, these pangs of hunger are part and parcel of dieting.

The only people that experience true starvation are the poor, unfortunate people that have no food supplies. Your body has enough stored energy in the form of body fat. If we get specific, 1lb of body fat is equivalent to 3500 kcals!

Some people also think that when you are dieting your fat is held onto and your body will use muscle as an energy source. This will only occur if you are of very low body fat! This can be mitigated by having enough protein in your diet and undertaking weight training. Fat will always be your body’s preferred / go to energy source, unless you are exercising at higher intensities and for protracted periods. In which case your body will illicit the use of carbohydrates as your fuel supply.

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