New years resolution

Has your New Years resolution wavered, or you have given up on it completely? Before you completely throw in the towel. I have a few suggestions that will help with weight loss.

If you are struggling with tracking your calories or you wouldn’t even know where to begin with calorie tracking, try these tips that will help to create a calorie deficit [expending more calories than you are consuming] and achieve weight loss.

Water before meals.
Drinking water before a meal can be highly beneficial for weight loss. Having 2 glasses of water before each meal would be an easy way to reduce your appetite. This means that you would the reduce the intake of food from the meal following. As well as being 0 calories water helps with lubricating joints and transports nutrients around the body.

Intermittent fasting
This is another tool for reducing calorie intake, by narrowing the window for eating and calorie intake.
An example would be fasting from 8 in the evening until midday the following day. This would mean you would be omitting meals and snacks and therefore hundreds of calories from your day and create a deficit. Some research shows that intermittent fasting can improve your digestion and sleep.

This approach to reducing your caloric intake is a different variation to Intermittent fasting. Where Intermittent fasting addresses calorie on a daily basis the 5:2 diet addresses calorie reduction on a weekly basis with adhering to a weekly calorie deficit. You would be having 2 very low calorie days per week and the other 5 days a week you would consume maintenance level calories.

Low calorie substitutes
Low calorie spreads, drinks and snacks are out there. Substituting to a low calorie option could save you hundreds of calories a day.

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