Improve your relationship with food

Here are some tips to improve your relationship with food.

The body requires protein, fats and carbohydrates for optimum function. All of these will help elicit fat loss and positive adaptations to the body. If you take one of these away the body will adapt but in a negative fashion if health, performance and composition is your goal.

Being all or nothing when it comes to diet is a bad approach for anyone, restricting yourself to a level that creates huge feelings of deprivation will almost always be followed by periods of binge eating.
The foods we will gravitate towards are the high sugar, high salt, high calorie foods. The psychology of this becomes disordered eating patterns validated as a ‘cheat day’.

Eating at a perceived 75% year round will yield far better results than 100% 5 days a week and having a blowout weekend.

At what stage does food become stringent number counting and an obsessive thing? If the ingestion or restriction of food is always present in your mind you can never expect the desired outcome of self regulation and a good relationship with food!

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