Herd mentality

When you are at work, a family gathering or a meal out there can be a lot of food temptation around. Cakes, sweets, desserts and other delicious treats are usually on offer. 

These foods are usually in a prominent position which can trigger you to eat them. If you are not helping yourself and you are seen to decline the offer of eating these snacks others may pick it up on it and highlight the fact that you’re not taking part.

This is where the test begins!

If you are determined and strong enough to decline and tell people that it doesn’t fall in line with your nutrition regime then you have won.

Sure you may get a bit of stick from people because you are doing something different to what the rest of the herd are doing, some may not like it because it might highlight that they have given in to temptation.

However in a few minutes time the pack/herd/gaggle [whatever the collective noun for a group of snackers] will have forgotten all about it and people will be getting on with their lives and you will have overcome one of the biggest challenges of your diet – peer pressure!

They may not understand at first and ask you why, but when you get results they will ask you how!

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