Eating healthy but not losing weight?

This is a common scenario, people thinking that because they are eating ‘healthy’ or ‘clean’ they will lose weight. Your body does not care if you are eating healthy from a weight management standpoint. It is great and highly advised to eat ‘healthy’ nutrient dense food, but you can still put on weight if you’re eating too much.

‘I’m eating really healthy but putting on weight’
So your body is likely getting all the nutrients its needing which is great you will be helping your body to function. However increase in body fat [over recommended ranges] will increase the risk of diabetes, cancers, increase your blood pressure and cholesterol. You will need to address your energy balance ensuring that you are reducing energy consumption.

‘I’m eating really healthy but not losing any weight’
Again this is great your body is going to be getting the nutrients it needs, but you will need to reduce energy intake or increase energy output from exercise to put you in an energy deficit. This will result in weight loss.

‘I’m eating healthy and I’m losing weight’
Fantastic you are in an energy deficit and you are eating healthy. Keep this going until you reach your desired ‘set point’ [level of body fat]. Remember for sanity purposes and sustainability stick to a split of 80% nutritionally dense foods and 20% fun foods [if you want]. If you are completely cutting out foods you enjoy its likely you will find it tougher.


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