Caffeine for a better gym session?

Caffeine hit for a better gym session anyone?! A caffeinated coffee before a gym session can be hugely beneficial!

Caffeine reduces your perceived exertion rate so you think you’re not working as hard as you actually are. It also improves focus and can boost your mood which, is great for workout motivation.

Coffee is also much safer and lower calorie than super high caffeine/sugar pre-workout drinks. It also has loads of other benefits such as its ability to help with fat and calorie burn not to mention loads of disease prevention qualities.

To fully realise the effects of caffeine boosting your workout you may have to reduce your caffeine intake at other times of the day. Try having 30-60 mins before exercise.

Also the strength number on the coffee pack does not necessarily relate to caffeine strength. Caffeine content is dependant on the type of bean and preparation method. Strength on the pack generally meas intensity of flavour. Robusta beans and long preparations are usually more caffeinated.

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