Are you getting enough sleep?

Did you know that getting adequate and good quality sleep has a significant impact on hormone balance and muscle protein synthesis. Outside of muscle growth, sleep deprivation has also been directly linked to an increase in appetite and as a result an increase in body fat.

When you are not getting enough quality sleep hormones called Ghrelin and Leptin are affected and can effect our hunger levels. This combined with feeling lethargic and a decrease in exercise could easily lead to weight gain.

The most beneficial phases of sleep are the 2-3 hours of deep sleep we should experience each night. Deep sleep is very restorative and is where our stress hormone cortisol is at its lowest and other hormones that support muscle growth are at their most potent.

Improve your sleep quality by:

  • increasing darkness in the bedroom
  • reduce or minimise anything that emits sound
  • remove electrical equipment from the bedroom [as this creates an electromagnetic field which has shown to negatively alter sleep patterns]
  • maintain a cool temperature in the bedroom
  • try and eat 2 hours before bed
  • avoid stimulating food / drink before bed
  • reduce lighting in the home in the last hour before bed
  • stop using devices that emit blue light an hour before bed.

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