7 mistakes people make when starting a fitness regime

we are going to look at 7 common mistakes that people make when setting up a health and fitness regime.
Too much too soon!
You’re keen to get on with your new health kick and you want to do it all at once. This is admirable but when you start off with something along the lines of; gym every day, eating ‘healthily’ all the time. It’s only a matter of time before you come off the rails and give up. You’re putting to much pressure on yourself. Start off by going to the gym a manageable amount per week and eating sensibly [small changes/improvements to your diet].

Cutting out all the foods you like!
People think that to lose body fat on a diet you have to cut out all the food you like or certain macro nutrients, like carbs or fats. This is not only stupid it is detrimental to your health. Your body needs these macro nutrients to function. Studies have shown that a flexible diet is going to be easier to adhere to. So eating the right amount of calories with an 80/20 approach. 80% whole, nutrient dense, fibrous foods. 20% fun foods will serve you better.

Going in blind!
People will do certain exercises and not know why. They could be copying what someone else is doing in the gym or a magazine. These exercises might not be relevant to their goal, or they could be performing them incorrectly and actually not working on what they think they are. Get some help! This could be from hiring a personal training or purchasing a plan.

Waiting for the perfect time to start.
Procrastination takes many forms. The classic is ‘I’ll start next week’ or ‘I’ll start when I start my new job’ etc. There will never be a perfect time to start. Just make a start and you can improve along the way. 

Rewarding yourself with foods
You’re not a dog, don’t reward yourself with food. Just because you’ve done a bit of exercise doesn’t mean that you should eat whatever you want. If weight loss is your goal this could undo it all. If you have a good PT they would have factored your workouts into your calorie target.  Trust the process,  listening to your body is not going to help either as your body will tell you you’re hungry after exercise. This is your hormones [Leptin] whispering in your ear telling you to keep some body fat for the next ice age. Its OK ice ages these days are seldom and food is aplenty!

Focusing on only exercise and not diet.

Focusing on exercise and not diet is missing the woods for the trees. You are tracking something that is impossible to be accurate with and usually overestimated, over something that has to be be accurate and is easy to track. 
Being overwhelmed.
This happens when you concentrate on the goal in its entirety.

When looking at your commitments you should start by breaking them down into smaller parts. Look at it as one day, one meal, one amount of calories, one gym session, one exercise, one set, one repetition. This is going to adjust your mindset so that it is manageable.

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