Tracking exercise for weight loss is retarded!

I’m going to talk to you about why tracking calories expended from exercise for weight loss is not good.

Fitness trackers, cardio machines etc will give you a figure for how many calories you’ve expended. Some cardio machines can over estimate calorie expenditure by hundreds of calories. This figure is not only going to be inaccurate it’s going to be useless if you don’t know how many you’ve consumed!

It’s great that you’ve achieved 10,000 steps this could be 400-500 calories (depending on your physical stats). However let’s say you’ve burned off those 500 calories + your metabolic calories (calories burned for body function (BMR)) lets say 1500 kcals but you’ve consumed 2500 kcals, you’re going to put on weight.

Energy out:

(Physical activity) 500 kcals + (BMR) 1500 kcals = 2000 kcals

Energy in:

(Food & Drink) 2500 kcals


(Energy in) 2500 kcals – (Energy out) 2000 kcals = 500 kcals surplus.

So choosing to monitor food intake, which is accurate, is a much better way to go about it.

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